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What if we haven't selected our official date yet?

We would absolutely love to work with you for your wedding! However, we do require a set date, venue or destination, and intended planner or coordinator prior to booking us with a contract and retainer.

How far in advance do couples book?

Each wedding season and each year vary widely on this front, but we typically see bookings within 4 - 18 months of the wedding date, with the majority of bookings taking place 6 - 12 months in advance.

Are engagement sessions required?

No, but we highly recommend that each of our couples takes the opportunity to get in front of the cameras before the big day! Engagement sessions are a wonderful way to get to know each other prior to the wedding, and helps make the wedding day's portraits run smoother. Engagement and couples sessions can be booked at anytime up until your wedding date.

What are your dream wedding destinations to photograph at?

We photography exquisite celebrations worldwide, so wherever you want your wedding weekend to be, us and our cameras will follow! But if we had to pick, returning to Italy, France, and Greece are certainly high on the list!

How many images end up in the final wedding gallery?

Just like we tailor-fit our custom offerings to each wedding and each couple we work with, we also tailor fit our galleries to perfectly capture your day from start to finish. While no two galleries are the same, and weddings vary in duration and day-of logistics, we typically see an industry standard of a minimum of 75 images delivered per hour of coverage.

Is your emphasis on the emotions or the beautiful?

My approach to weddings is two-pronged: the first, that we photograph the events and moments of the day exactly as they naturally unfold in a photojournalistic, storytelling manner. And second, that we craft true-to-life, gorgeous, and comfortable portraiture to traditionally document your wedding & the people present. Weddings are a balance of both!

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