Capturing Love in the Rocky Mountains: Boulder Colorado Engagement Photos

Kevin and Kristen chose beautiful Boulder County as the backdrop for their summertime Boulder engagement photos on film, and I have far too many favorite photos from this engagement session!

Since my husband and I relocated to Denver, Colorado last year, Boulder has become one of my favorite locations to shoot film at. It’s a great spot for magical lighting, epic views of the mountains, and is a stone’s throw from the front range of the Rockies. Coming from an oceanfront town like Charleston, this has been an incredible change of scenery for us, and is truly an adventure every time I head out of the house for an engagement session or Colorado wedding. I continue to amass a huge list of favorite spots and location ideas for my West Coast clients who want  their engagement and wedding photography to feature epic scenery, large rock formations, mountain views, aspen trees, and an alpine lake or two. We try to curate a list of popular locations that ensure that we have those beautiful vistas as a backdrop for their session, but also ensure there’s not too much hiking or rock climbing required to get to those favorite places. I can’t wait to share more of our Colorado engagement photography with y’all on the blog in the coming weeks and months! 

Kevin and Kristen truly are such a sweet couple, and are so easy-going on camera! We chased the sunset behind the mountains in downtown Boulder for their session, and it was truly the perfect time to capture that golden hour glow on film for these two! They also recently relocated to Colorado from South Carolina, and I thought this was the perfect alignment of the stars! Throughout our move out West, much of my clientele and inquiries for Colorado wedding photography has had a similar story – the couple has personal connections or history with Colorado, but is currently located in the Southeast. What a small world it truly is! 

We started our Boulder engagement session near the Marshall Mesa trail area. This is a great spot to catch beautiful mountain views during golden hour, tons of aspen trees, and a babbling brook or two to beat! My favorite time of day to work with my clients as their Colorado engagement photographer is what we’ve called the ‘hour before golden hour’. Because of how tall the Rocky Mountains are, we tend to schedule sessions to start at least an hour before ‘mountain sunset’, which is when the sun starts to dip behind the mountain’s peaks. It’s such a big difference from living on the East Coast, where we usually photographed our clients right up until blue hour when the sun really starts to set over the ocean’s horizon. We had toyed with the idea of taking Kevin and Kristen to Red Rocks as well for their location, but because of the summer concert series schedule there, we decided on Boulder instead! 

We made our way to the second location of their Colorado engagement session to Chautauqua Park, with the most breathtaking views of the Flations along the front range of the Rocky Mountains! A stop to the Flatirons for a Chautauqua engagement session is an absolute must-do if you’re looking for those picturesque Boulder engagement photos! We had just the perfect amount of sunlight left in the evening to shoot our last two rolls of film, and gosh do I have so many favorite film scans from this beautiful Boulder engagement session for you to check out! 

Photography: Sarah Nann Photography | Film Processing & Development: PhotoVision | Film Stock: Fuji 400h | Locations: Boulder, Colorado and Chautauqua Park

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